About Us


To supply food for people expressing a need.


Fostering community support.

Optimizing best practices & resources to help clients.

Creating a respectful & confidential environment.

Utilizing effective communication in a non-judgmental format.

Strategic and efficient use of resources to meet the needs of the food shelf.


FOCUS on ending hunger


History Of Rush City Cares

Rush City Cares started with a vision of Father Otto Neudecker and Maureen Puziewicz to better serve the Rush City community by combining efforts of the local clergy and church leaders into a central organization. Rush City Cares was incorporated in April 1985.

The food shelf operation was located in the Rush City Community Center. It was apparent this was a much needed service. The number of clients rose each month and year. In 2006 the town of Rush City built a new Community Center adjacent the Countryside Senior Apts.

The Rush City Food Shelf was given a room there, which is a beautiful new site. The new space affords the food shelf to be much more organized and while client numbers are at an all-time high, the space we have works! With the work of a wonderful staff and the compassionate caring town we are able to help those in need of food. The
Rush City Food Shelf became it's own entity in 2010 and therefore become a separate corporation. This was done so that the Rush City Food Shelf can obtain other funding specifically for the food shelf.


Rush City Food Shelf

Proud to serve people in need!

The food shelf is open every Tuesday

2:00 to 4:45 pm.